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With Lodex, you get customised quotes on loan and deposit products from our panel of financial service providers who are keen to connect with Lodex members.

Lodex is an all-in-one mobile loans and deposits marketplace, equipping you with highly sophisticated tools and technology at no cost to you.

We help you build a profile of your behaviour, risk and value as a potential borrower or saver.

This enables our panel of financial service providers to access your unique profile on our platform and compete for your business.

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Your Credit Score and Report
You can now easily monitor your credit report whenever you want, without cost or delay.

By teaming up with Experian, one of Australia’s credit reporting bodies, we can now provide you with access to your Experian score and credit information. When you create your Lodex profile you can access Experian’s personal credit information update service, which allows you to monitor for incorrect information, and indications of fraud or identity theft.

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We’re bringing Lenddo to Australia for the first time.
We understand that many people find themselves in a chicken-or-egg-type dilemma when it comes to credit. Even though you may have a steady income, you may have just finished your studies or still can’t access credit because of lack a formal credit history.

That’s why we are bringing Lenddo to Australia, the world leader in predictive analytics using digital data, to help you access financial services. Your character score will use, with your consent, your digital footprint to provide an indication of your financial stability, which you can share with financial service providers. Giving financial service providers a better understanding of who you are and your attitudes toward credit.

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The Lodex Financial Potential Profile
At Lodex, we know that everyone is unique - in thinking, interests, occupation, qualifications, preferences and so on. That’s why we built the Lodex Financial Potential Profile - a complex algorithm, which can provide you with an indication of your unique financial potential profile based on a number of attributes. You can then share your Lodex Financial Potential Profile with financial service providers to take into consideration before making you a personalised offer.

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Mark MacKenzie, Managing Director, Lenddo Asia Pacific

Quote open greenSince its inception in 2011, Lenddo has been devoted to positively impacting millions of people's lives, becoming a major contributor to resolving the challenge of financial inclusion globally, and driving predictive analytics in Financial Services. We are very excited to be teaming up with Lodex, a partner of great synergy of analytics and scoring innovation, that shares our values and vision to promote greater financial inclusion for Australians.Quote close green

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