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Car loans

Are you in need of a new car?
Is your family growing and you need to upsize the family mover?

Purchasing a new car, either a new model or a second hand vehicle, is exciting. Car loans are usually secured against the car to be purchased until the loan is completely repaid.

Before purchasing a car on finance, it’s important to think about your cash flow position and how you will be able to cater for all of the costs involved in owning and maintaining a care safely, such as your regular loan repayments, the vehicle maintenance, insurance and other running costs.


Check your Credit Score before applying for a car loan so you have an indication of the interest you could reasonably expect. Many lenders define your interest rate by allowing for your risk of default (your Credit Score is an indication of this). Also don’t forget that lenders can register a security interest over your vehicle as security so they can offer you quite competitive rates, especially if the finance amount is small compared to the car’s total value.!

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