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Why Lodex

You have absolute control

Your product request is anonymous.
Getting your credit and social score won’t affect your credit record.
It’s obligation free. No strings attached.

Its a win win
Smart tech and industry-first tools

We give you access to “big data” and sophisticated analysis tools to help you build a story about what you’re really like as a customer. Your credit and social score and financial potential profile paint a much clearer picture of the sort of customer you are so you can share your story with financial service providers and let them come to you.

An online marketplace

We have created an auction-style process for you to anonymously disclose your credit or financial product needs and invite loan or deposit product providers to give you customised responses. You control when it’s time for the suppliers to chase you.

We're an information packager

We’re an information packager and an introduction service. We don’t assess or represent whether credit or financial products are suitable or meet your needs. We leave that up to you to decide. Members use Lodex totally free and we are proud of our low fees for financial service providers. Products and rates are displayed based on their rate competitiveness only.

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